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Structure & Team

A qualified staff is our differential. Our organizational structure has a fixed team of coordinators with extensive experience in the areas of operations of the company, which is complemented by experts in tune with our methodology of work.
The services are developed by teams allocated to each project, providing personalized, quality, lower cost, higher productivity and faster results.

oday, our team is composed of:

  • General Coordination: Jorge Pereira Raggi
  • Environmental Geology: Gilson Floriano Essenfelder Abrahão
  • Mine Engineering: Marcos Túlio de Araújo Barbosa
  • Mine Engineering/ Speleology: Cláudio José Mendes Pedrosa
  • Metallurgic Engineering: Antônio Carlos de Moraes Sarmento
  • Civil Engineering: Antônio Caetano de Almeida Jr.
  • Biology: Janaína Silva de Oliveira
  • Geography and Environment: Flávia das Graças Leite Savassi
  • Environmental Recovery Consultant: Vagner Beling
  • Geology Consultant: Carlos José Pedrosa
  • Geology Consultant: Vicente de Paula Oliveira
  • Geotechnical Consultant: René de Sousa Viel
  • Consultant in Production Engineering and Innovation: Lia Krucken
  • Business Administration Consultant: Sudário Papa Filho
  • Hydrogeology Consultant: Wéber de Pádua
  • Environmental Education Consultant: Inês de Oliveira Noronha
  • Forest Engineering Consultant: Marcílio Loureiro Ulhôa
  • Social-economic Consultant: Lúcia Maria Lopes Formoso

To provide its clients with a more wide-ranging service in multi-disciplinary projects, Geoconômica also has partnerships with specialized companies.

Rua João Freitas, 19 B. Santo Antônio | Belo Horizonte - MG

Fone: (31) 3296-5880 | FAX: (31) 3296-5710